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Your garage door is an integral part of the function of your home on a day-to-day basis. It provides access to your home from the outside and is used for parking your cars and store items. The constant use of your garage door can wear down its parts over time, causing them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Unfortunately, you tend to take for granted this part of the house until you need to get it repaired. Here are some common signs your garage door may need a repair:

Your Garage Door is Not Closing/Opening Smoothly
Has it ever happened to you that your garage door would stop opening halfway, and other times it would not open at all? A well-functioning garage door should open and close altogether at the push of the remote on the opener. An improper garage door installation is usually the culprit if your garage door is new. For older doors, the reason could be a faulty part. For example, if the cables are worn, there is a stripped gear in the opener, or the rollers are broken, then there will be an issue with your garage door. If you notice your garage door is getting slower or starting to stick on its track when opening or closing, deal with it as soon as possible to avoid a potential emergency garage door repair.

Your Garage Door Makes Funky Noises
It is reasonable even for new garage doors to make some harmless noise. However, you need to pay attention if your door makes a popping or squeaking sound when you open or close it. Tracks that are bent or not correctly aligned could cause rubbing noises when opening and closing the door. If your garage door makes squeaking or grinding sounds, the culprit could be loose rollers or hinges. Rumbling or grating sound might indicate that there is something wrong with the torsion springs. If your garage door makes noises that do not sound right, ask a garage door service company for advice rather than trying to diagnose the root of the problem yourself.

Your Garage Door Is Crooked
A crooked garage door is not only an eyesore but also an indicator of a more severe problem. When your garage door is unbalanced, it is most likely because the torsion spring is broken. Springs pull and push the garage door along its track when you open and close it. If one of the springs breaks or its cable frays, your garage door would still open and close, but not evenly. Misaligned rollers or tracks could also result in a crooked garage door. Sagging panels, on the other hand, could be due to moisture. If your garage door shows any of these issues, it is time to get service from a garage door repair professional.

These garage door issues can pose a danger to you and your vehicle if unattended. If you have reasons to believe that your garage door is not working as optimal as it should, contact a seasoned garage door repair Chattanooga professional to fix it. If you live or around Los Angeles county, you can check out garage door repair Tennessee companies for a free estimate on your repair.

Do you know what to look for when you’re checking out the condition of your garage door? If you are experiencing any of these issues, Fixxed Garage Doors is servicing the Chattanooga and greater Tennessee area 24/7. We offer emergency garage door repair services for residential and commercial garage doors, as well as new garage door installation and maintenance services. Our team of technicians can fix any garage door problem that may arise. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your existing garage door.